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12 mm Expendable Cage

Product Description:

Expendable Cage use to evaluate the feasibility of anterior spinal column reconstruction using an expandable cage through a posterior approach.

Intended Use:

Expendable Cage is the largest study that specifically examines the use of an expandable cage through a posterior extracavitary approach for reconstruction after vertebral body tumor resection. The use of an expandable cage combined with an extracavitary approach is feasible and allows the surgeon to address both the anterior and posterior columns through a single incision.

Although technically challenging, both one- and two-level corpectomies in the thoracic and/or lumbar spine can be performed with this technique. Furthermore, insertion of the expandable cage in the collapsed position and then expansion in situ after implantation allowed for all lumbar reconstructions to be completed without sacrificing any of the lumbar nerve roots

Product Specification:

Sr. No. Ref. No. S.S Ref.No. T.T Ø Dia Length Side
1 - 2030-TT-1225 12 mm 20X25 mm -
2 - 2030-TT-1235 12 mm 25X35 mm -
3 - 2030-TT-1255 12 mm 35X55 mm -
4 - 2030-TT-1275 12 mm 55X75 mm -


Surgical Techniques :