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3.5 mm Olecranon Plate

Product Description:

LCP Olecranon Plates are indicated for fixation of fractures, osteotomies and nonunions of the olecranon, particularly in osteopenic bone.

Intended Use:

– Left and right plates are anatomically contoured for the proximal ulna

– Locking screws engaged in the plate create a fixed-angle construct that enhance fixation in osteopenic bone

– Elongated hole in each plate allows adjustment of the plate placement on the humerus

– Proximal tab for buttressing of olecranon, Six locking screws diverge across olecranon, Two most-proximal screws project distally

– Combi holes allow fixation with locking screws in the threaded section for angular stability, and cortex screws in the dynamic compression unit (DCU) section for compression.

– A fixed-angle construct provides advantages in osetopenic bone or multifragment fractures where traditional screw purchase is compromised.

Product Specification:

Sr. No. Ref. No. S.S Ref.No. T.T Ø Dia Depth Size Side
1 1337-SS-3504 1337-TT-3504 3.5 mm - 4 Holes Left
2 1337-SS-3506 1337-TT-3506 3.5 mm - 6 Holes Left
3 1337-SS-3508 1337-TT-3508 3.5 mm - 8 Holes Left
4 1337-SS-3510 1337-TT-3510 3.5 mm - 10 Holes Left
5 1337-SS-3512 1337-TT-3512 3.5 mm - 12 Holes Left

Sr. No. Ref. No. S.S Ref.No. T.T Ø Dia Depth Size Side
1 1336-SS-3504 1336-TT-3504 3.5 mm - 4 Holes Right
2 1336-SS-3506 1336-TT-3506 3.5 mm - 6 Holes Right
3 1336-SS-3508 1336-TT-3508 3.5 mm - 8 Holes Right
4 1336-SS-3510 1336-TT-3510 3.5 mm - 10 Holes Right
5 1336-SS-3512 1336-TT-3512 3.5 mm - 12 Holes Right

Surgical Techniques :