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3.5 mm Short Philos Plate

Product Description:

PHILOS System is an anatomical LCP plating system for proximal humerus fracture fixation. It includes the PHILOS Percutaneous Aiming System, for a less invasive transdeltoid approach.

Intended Use:

Offer multiple screw configuration options for proximal fixation

Help neutralizing the rotator cuff muscle forces

Dedicated screw length measuring and insertion for osteoporotic bone

Ø 3.5 mm enable an angular stable construct to enhance the grip in osteoporotic bone and multifragment fractures

Carefully apply for osteoporotic bone

– 10 proximal holes for suturing to help maintain fracture reduction

– Dislocated two-, three-, and four-fragment fractures of the proximal humerus, including fractures involving osteopenic bone

– Pseudarthroses in the proximal humerus

– Osteotomies in the proximal humerus

Product Specification:

Sr. No. Ref. No. S.S Ref.No. T.T Ø Dia Depth Size Side
1 1316-SS-3503 1316-TT-3503 3.5 mm - 3 Holes -
2 1316-SS-3505 1316-TT-3505 3.5 mm - 5 Holes -


Surgical Techniques :