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3.5 mm Lcp Periarticular Proximal Humerus Plate

Product Description:

The 3.5 mm LCP Periarticular Proximal humerus plates feature locking screw technology combined with conventional plating techniques.

The plates feature combi holes that allow fixation with either locking screws in the threaded section for angular stability or cortex screws in the dynamic compression unit (DCU) section for compression.

Intended Use:

Griportho 3.5 mm Periarticular Proximal Humerus Plates are indicated for fractures, fracture dislocations, osteotomies, and nonunions of the proximal humerus, particularly in osteopenic bone.

A fixed angle construct provides advantages in osteopenic bone where screws do not rely on bone to plate compression to resist patient load, but function similarly to multiple, small angled blade plates.

– Plate head sits approximately 15 mm distal to rotator cuff to avoid acromial impingement

– Plate shaft sits slightly anterior to reduce need for deltoid elevation

– Posterior sweep of head buttresses greater tuberosity

– Anatomically contoured left and right plates, available in 2 – 14 holes

– Available in stainless steel or titanium

Six suture holes with suture passing undercuts aid in reduction and ligament reattachment around the perimeter of the plate head

Two neck screw holes directed into the calcar, Six locking holes in plate head accept 3.5 mm locking screws, Tapered plate tip for percutaneous insertion

Distal neck hole accepts fixed-angle locking screw or surgeon-directed cortex screw, Limited-contact undercuts along plate shaft, Elongated Combi holes accept 3.5 mm locking and 3.5 mm cortex screws

Product Specification:

Sr. No. Ref. No. S.S Ref.No. T.T Ø Dia Depth Size Side
1 1314-SS-3502 1314-TT-3502 3.5 mm - 2 Holes Left
2 1314-SS-3504 1314-TT-3504 3.5 mm - 4 Holes Left
3 1314-SS-3506 1314-TT-3506 3.5 mm - 6 Holes Left
4 1314-SS-3508 1314-TT-3508 3.5 mm - 8 Holes Left
5 1314-SS-3510 1314-TT-3510 3.5 mm - 10 Holes Left
6 1314-SS-3512 1314-TT-3512 3.5 mm - 12 Holes Left
7 1314-SS-3514 1314-TT-3514 3.5 mm - 14 Holes Left

Sr. No. Ref. No. S.S Ref.No. T.T Ø Dia Depth Size Side
1 1313-SS-3502 1313-TT-3502 3.5 mm - 2 Holes Right
2 1313-SS-3504 1313-TT-3504 3.5 mm - 4 Holes Right
3 1313-SS-3506 1313-TT-3506 3.5 mm - 6 Holes Right
4 1313-SS-3508 1313-TT-3508 3.5 mm - 8 Holes Right
5 1313-SS-3510 1313-TT-3510 3.5 mm - 10 Holes Right
6 1313-SS-3512 1313-TT-3512 3.5 mm - 12 Holes Right
7 1313-SS-3514 1313-TT-3514 3.5 mm - 14 Holes Right

Surgical Techniques :