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3.5 mm Lcp Small Plate

Product Description:

The Griportho Locking Compression Plate (LCP) is part of a stainless steel and titanium plate and screw system that merges locking screw technology with conventional plating techniques.

The aim of any surgical fracture treatment is to reconstruct the anatomy and restore its function. According to the AO, internal fixation is distinguished by precise reduction, stable fixation, preservation of blood supply and early, functional mobilization. Plate and screw osteo Griportho has been established and clinically recognized for quite some time.

Intended Use:

The Locking Compression Plate System has many similarities to existing plate fixation methods, but with a few important improvements.

Clinical results have been improved by using internal fixation with angular stability (internal fixators) in metaphyseal fractures and in osteopenic bone.

Locking screws provide the ability to create a fixed-angle construct while utilizing familiar AO plating techniques. A fixed-angle con- struct provides advantages in osteopenic bone or multifragmentary fractures where traditional screw purchase is compromised.

Locking screws do not rely on plate /bone compression to maintain stability, but function similarly to multiple small angled blade plates.

– Uniform hole spacing, Load (compression) and neutral screw positions

The Combi holes allow placement of standard cortex and cancellous bone screws on one side or threaded conical locking screws on the opposite side of each hole.

- Threaded hole section for locking screws, Dynamic compression unit (DCU) hole section for standard screws, Locking screw in threaded side of plate hole, Cortex screw in compression side of plate hole

Holes in straight and reconstruc- tion plates are oriented so that the compression component of the holeis always directed toward the middle of the plate.

Product Specification:

Sr. No. Ref. No. S.S Ref.No. T.T Ø Dia Depth Size Side
1 1301-SS-3505 1301-TT-3505 3.5 mm - 5 Holes -
2 1301-SS-3506 1301-TT-3506 3.5 mm - 6 Holes -
3 1301-SS-3507 1301-TT-3507 3.5 mm - 7 Holes -
4 1301-SS-3508 1301-TT-3508 3.5 mm - 8 Holes -
5 1301-SS-3509 1301-TT-3509 3.5 mm - 9 Holes -
6 1301-SS-3510 1301-TT-3510 3.5 mm - 10 Holes -
7 1301-SS-3511 1301-TT-3511 3.5 mm - 11 Holes -
8 1301-SS-3512 1301-TT-3512 3.5 mm - 12 Holes -
9 1301-SS-3514 1301-TT-3514 3.5 mm - 14 Holes -


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